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Karuma PlayBase Tablet for Kids

Karuma PlayBase Tablet - Source:

Karuma PlayBase Tablet - Source:

From an early age children seem to gravitate toward all things “off-limits.” The television and its remote, cell phones, answering machines, laptops, other technological devices that parents must repeatedly snatch from curious fingers. Perhaps it’s the lights, sounds, buttons, and mystery that intrigue little ones, or perhaps its just the knowledge that these items are forbidden. As technology becomes increasingly prevalent in all areas of the home, it is becoming harder to keep items away from the children. Thankfully, there is a new option available that is designed specifically for kids. The Karuma PlayBase Tablet is a slim kids tablet designed specifically with kids in mind.

The new PlayBase tablet for children has a protective rubber cover designed to protect the device from impacts, scratches, and anything else your little monsters might have in store for it. The silicon cover will cleverly convert to a stand on the back of the educational kids’ tablet to prop the screen up for movie viewing. Covers are also available in custom colors and designs to please every youngster’s unique sense of style. The display is an impressive 7 inches, but the entire device is still sleek, measuring in at just under 10 millimeters. The Karuma PlayBase Tablet operates on the Android system, but also includes 1 GB of RAM for software updates. It is portable, durable, and has a battery life lasting up to 5 hours. It might be the perfect solution to the problem of hands-off technology the children so desperately want to get their hands on.

What can children do with a child-friendly PlayBase tablet? Anything adults can do on an iPad. Children can access apps, play video games, watch movies, send and receive emails, and read text. Adults will never have to worry about their personal digital readers, laptops, or iPads getting destroyed again. With the PlayBase Tablet for kids, adults can sit back and watch their children learn, play, and explore the world of digital technology. Early childhood education has gone digital.

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