InnoTab 3S Tablet for Kids

InnoTab 3S Kids Wifi Tablet Review

The VTech InnoTab 3S Kids Wi-Fi Tablet is the perfect accessory for your technologically advanced child. As technology becomes more of a part of our daily lives, children want to be just like mommy or daddy with their electronic devices. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a tablet device that your child may not yet appreciate, the InnoTab 3S is under $100 and worth the investment.

InnoTab 3S Blue

InnoTab 3S Blue

First, the kids tablet is strong and rugged, making it perfect for children who may toss toys around or leave them on the edge of the table (which usually results in them dropping). Even though the material is made to last, it doesn’t hinder the shape or feel of the tablet. Instead, it is comfortable and convenient to hold and use, especially in the smaller hands of children.

The InnoTab 3S comes with free apps that you can download to start playing and learning right away. But best yet is the fact that applications are continually be adding for download. Not only will your child enjoy the games and activities on the tablet, but parents can rest knowing that they are educational and provide important lessons for the development of young children.

In order to keep your kids safe while using the internet, the InnoTab 3S also comes with a kid-safe browser that prohibits your children from accessing content that may not be suitable for their age. Leaders at VTech will monitor and limit the amount of content that can be accessed by the browser; however parents can go in and manually override the protection, making it perfect for whatever your child needs to browse for.

Overall, the VTech InnoTab 3S is the perfect tablet for children. Not only does it allow kids to become familiar with technology, it does so in a way that benefits their education and learning. Furthermore, for under $100, you can rarely find products that are so inexpensive and offer as much entertainment as the InnoTab 3S does.

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