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Camelio Android Tablets for Children

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Hello Kitty Tablet for Kids

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Vivatar has recently announced the launch of a novel idea for their new Android tablet computer for kids and, of course, their parents too. It’s called the Camelio and it’s a nice size for small hands – 7 inches. The unique thing about it is that the computer can be changed to a variety of themes whenever a child gets older or their interests change. Among the licensed themes are Hello Kitty, Hot Wheels, Barbie, Monster High, My Little Pony and Thomas the Train. The theme packs come with such features as wallpaper, widgets, books, music and videos featuring the particular theme.

Design features have been well thought out. The kids tablets have round corners and the backing is easily gripped by even the youngest child. It uses the Android 4.1 including automatic upgrades and 25 already installed games and activities. With parental as a part of the system, parents can be assured of safety for their children. If parents need to use the computer, removal of the theme applications is simple. They are well-built and can tolerate some rough treatment. Cameras, in the front and back, are also included which will delight the kids.

This product and all its theme packets will be available in retail stores and online sometime in the summer of 2013. The choice of popular child themes will make the Camelio tablet computer a device that will bring many fun activities, as well as an enjoyable educational experience. It’s a great idea for a Christmas, birthdays or back to school gift.

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